Supported Employment Services Programs

Avant Supported Living’s Supported Employment Services program offers several types of employment training and opportunities for the individuals we serve. We facilitate competitive work in an integrated work setting and provide individual or group-supported employment opportunities. Our caring and knowledgeable staff members support each individual and help prepare them for the workforce by providing work-related training experience and helping them find and retain meaningful employment.

Our Supported Employment Services program provides the following:

  • Personalized on-the-job training in work and work-related skills, including job coaching
  • Ongoing supervision of the person’s performance on the job
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the person’s natural supports, which promotes greater degrees of inclusion and autonomy
  • Training in related skills needed to retain employment
  • Supporting, assisting, and guiding individuals with disabilities who wish to start their own business

To learn more about our Avant Supported Living’s Supported Employment Services program, please contact us at (573) 207-2070.

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